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My clients benefit from the safe and open environment I provide where they can be themselves and talk openly. Once we establish a trusting connection, we can work together on the changes that you are looking to make.

People come to therapy with all sort of challenges – You may be stuck on a particular problem that seems to appear over and over or you are struggling with making decisions and then moving on. Maybe something unfortunate has happened in your life. Sometimes people have difficulty managing their emotions and the behaviors that result and want to learn to have better ways to cope. Often my clients are hoping to find deeper meaning in their work, their relationships and in the life they have created. Allowing yourself the space to engage in therap​y gives us an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and private way. Our work together creates a place where you can try out new ways of looking at things without having to worry about any unwanted impact this may have on your current relationships.

My style is interactive, warm, collaborative, and respectful. My clinical approach is flexible, as I employ a range of modalities, adjusting to what best serves your specific situation and needs. Developing practical and concrete strategies to help you reach your goals will be an important part of our work together. I feel passionate about this journey and see it as a privilege to be a part of it as your therapist.


Children & Parents • Teens • Adults • Psychological Testing
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