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As adolescents develop socially and emotionally, their search for identity is central. Learning to be comfortable with who they are is a crucial step for leading happy, healthy lives.​​

Sometimes a teen will ask their parent(s) directly to see a therapist to have help with working out something that is troubling them. These teens often know that therapy can be a safe space for them to address their feelings, thoughts and experiences and they may be ready to start this process easily and make good use of it. However often, things don’t go as smoothly and teens are brought to therapy because their parents or perhaps a teacher has suggested it. As a result it can sometimes  understandably- be hard for these teens to agree initially to begin therapy. Once they are able to become curious about what might evolve in a conversation during a session, they can experience this process as potentially helpful and importantly can have a sense of ownership of it.

When working with teens I communicate in a natural, relatable and respectful manner. I often help with:

  • Issues of Independence, Identity and Sexuality
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Managing the Experience of Divorce
  • Learning Differences
  • Social Difficulties

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