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Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is an evidence-based meditation technique that uses the mind to focus on positive images and thoughts. It leads a person's imagination into a particular state by describing a scene or a place invoking all of the senses. This can promote well-being and relaxation and also help with changing negative and maladaptive thinking patterns. It is a very simple yet helpful tool that can be practiced at your convenience. 

In the last twenty years, as people have increasingly integrated complementary and alternative medicine into their treatment plans, more and more literature is being published, exploring and confirming, the positive impact guided imagery can have on certain conditions. Research has shown that, in as little as eight weeks, individuals with a regular mindfulness practice can experience health benefits such as lower stress, better regulations of emotion, more flexible decision making, greater self-awareness, and more peaceful sleep among others. Guided imagery can be used alongside any conventional treatments you are receiving, but it is not meant to take the place of proven conventional treatment. 

The meditations on this page were carefully selected for your use. You'll get the most out of it by listening frequently, even if only a few minutes a day. It is also beneficial to listen during those dreamy times when you're just waking up or just falling asleep. In addition, try putting your hands in the same position each time you listen - that way you develop a conditioning cue that will automatically relax you when you're feeling stressed.

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