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When I do a psychological assessment, I look at the whole child in the context of his/her family, social, and school environments. In addition to any challenges, I also focus on your child’s strengths.

If your child has been referred for psychological testing, you probably have some questions about what to expect. You may have heard about psycho-educational or neuropsychological testing and are wondering if your child should be tested. A potential need for psychological testing may sound concerning - someone has suggested it because of a difficulty - however, it's designed to help. Only when we understand what the issue is can we figure out how to best address it. Learning issues in school can have a number of different causes. A difficulty focusing, for example, could be caused by a reading disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression or a combination of different factors. Testing can clarify the underlying issues and help identify the most effective interventions and supports.  

I choose measures that are appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage and those that best answer the referral question(s). This process includes: clinical interviews with the child, parents, caregivers and teachers (as appropriate), use of standardized questionnaires as well as the administering of the most up-to-date testing instruments. Whether you are looking for a first-time evaluation, seeking an initial diagnosis, or pursuing a DOE mandated re-evaluation to establish continued need for services and accommodations (as part of an IEP or 504 plan), I will design and administer a comprehensive testing battery and analyze the results. There are times when it makes sense for a family or an individual to have a consultation to determine whether testing is indicated; we can meet and think it through together. I'm also available to offer a second opinion on a prior diagnosis or treatment recommendations.


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