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When working with children and parents, I view addressing difficulties together as a way to help family members connect with each other in a meaningful way and strengthen the family bond.

You may be feeling that things have become a bit difficult with your child. As a result, perhaps you haven't felt as connected and parenting hasn't felt as rewarding as it used​ to. Some common struggles I've helped families with are: 

  • Morning and Bedtime Routines
  • Sibling Relations
  • Separations
  • Tantrums
  • Homework Issues
  • Screen-time
  • School Issues
  • Social Challenges
  • Toileting Issues

Sometimes there are just a few areas of conflict that need tweaking to make things go more smoothly. Other times, parents feel that many interactions with their child(ren) are problematic and there is much discord in the home. At those times it can feel that just getting through each day is difficult, tiring and family life is lacking a feeling of joy and connection.

Problems may occur mostly in the home, or you may have gotten a phone call from your child's teacher letting you know that there has been trouble at school. Perhaps you're not seeing many overt problems but are sensing that your child is anxious or sad. Social interactions might seem challenging, or your child may be having trouble making or keeping friends. At one time or another, most kids hit a little snag as they move through development, and all families at some point go through tough stretches. Whatever your specific concern and wherever you are on the 'family trouble meter', I can help you work toward positive change. Importantly, this provides an opportunity to teach your child that it's possible to overcome difficulties together and make things better.

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